A new way of HACCP-registration


‘Do the job you love but not the paperwork: we take food safety compliance into the digital age.’

To comply with the hygiene code of the food industry, many checklists must be manually completed on a daily basis. This manual and paper administration system is extremely time-consuming. We believe that your valuable time is better spent on your customers.

Dyzle has years of experience with temperature monitoring and HACCP-registration in the food industry. Professional food inspectors have frequently set Dyzle as an example for correct HACCP-registration. By now, our service has successfully been rolled out to chains with over 200 branches. Indeed, we understand your industry like no other.

How does it work?

For permanent cooling, refrigerators, and heat-preserving units, we offer smart sensors that read and register temperature 24/7. If necessary, such as with an observed deviation, for instance, you are instantly alerted via an automatically sent text message or e-mail. This way, you always know what is happening.

For individual registrations, such as reading the product temperature of manufactured products, cleaning inspection, goods receipt, and shelf life, Dyzle has developed an app. This app has digitalised the entire HACCP-registration list. Now HACCP-reports are automatically written, and available throughout the head office. Should the NVWA call you about an incident, you always have the correct data ready.

In other words, our solutions make HACCP-registration more fun, simpler, and paperless. Click here to see which industry partners have already been experiencing the ease of Dyzle.