GDP-compliant medicine distribution and storage


‘We share your objective to help customers stay alive and well by helping deliver your products safely, with smarter supply chains.’

Whether it concerns process validation or quality assurance and safe pharmaceutical product transport: temperature monitoring and its registration are vitally important. By fully committing to the European GDP-standards, we can accomplish this desired outcome together.

  • Would you like to know whether a space is capable of storing pharmaceutical products?
  • Or do you require information on sensor placement, or where the critical areas are within your storage space?

Through mapping, Dyzle offers answers to all your questions. From refrigeration units to vehicle storage: we understand your challenges, as well as the importance of precise and well-functioning temperature monitoring. Therefore, we are here for you.

Due to our expertise and years of experience, we are able to work correctly and professionally. With our proactive attitude, we can respond well to a large variety of requirements. Whether they are law-, the IGJ-inspection-, or customer-based; we have a fitting solution. An integral part of our solution is validation (IQ/OQ documents, 21 CFR Part 11 functionalities). These are perfectly in line with a GDP, GMP, GLP environment.

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