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Customers, inspections, and the law keep demanding higher standards of transport. Nowadays, merely delivering your goods does not cut it anymore. Quality and safety of the transport process and the storage of goods are safeguarded by filing correct temperature data. Registering and monitoring these data must comply with several requirements from the GDP law, hygiene code, the IGJ inspections and the NVWA.

Dyzle knows what is going on with regards to laws and regulations. Therefore, you are never in for a surprise. We provide clarity and transparency for your entire logistic chain: from warehouse and truck to airfreight container and cooling unit. Mapping this process is completely wireless and flexible.

In short, you can check the status of your vehicle with one click, wherever you are in the world. Moreover, you can choose and update the type of service you need at any time, thus making Dyzle extremely flexible. We value this greatly, and so do your customers. Besides, we have been offering proven solutions in the field of temperature monitoring in the pharmaceutical- and food industry for years. Apart from providing robust solutions for temperature monitoring, we like introducing and linking you to new customers within the pharmaceutical industry.

Did you know?

  • Dyzle’s solution is easily linked to your customers’ systems with a standard API. This way your customers automatically receive your data. Of course, this can also happen via your own IT-systems, such as TMS, WMS, ERP or order management systems.
  • Dyzle understands that margins are small, and demands are high. We can help you start as well as devise a step-by-step plan for continued growth in a cost-effective manner, if and when your customer or market demands this of you. After all, money can only be spent once, and must be made back as quickly as possible.

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