A process conducted according to WHO standards


When medicines need to be stored or transported, the storage space or transport vehicle must be mapped.

Mapping a space answers the following questions:

  • Does the storage space meet the specifications for storing pharmaceutical products?
  • What are the critical points in this space?
  • Where should the sensors of the temperature monitoring system be placed?

Dyzle answers these questions all on one page. Naturally, the report also contains necessary information to help inspectors double-check their conclusions. Dyzle carries out the mapping according to WHO (World Health Organization) standards. Moreover, Dyzle will work with you to ensure that the relevant space will meet the right specifications after the mapping process. After all, you want to start using your storage space. Depending on your requirements, we can carry out a so-called ‘door-open’ and a power failure survey as part of the mapping process. This helps you to get a clear overview of the potential risks and shows that you are well organised.